Teaching Historical Movement, Etiquette and Historical Dance

Jackie helps with the appropriate deportment for bows, curtsies and gestures of a particular era. She also helps educate the actor in the manners of a time period.



Dark Ages
Carole, Branles, Farandole

Late middle Ages
French Basse Dance

Early Renaissance
Italian Bassa danza

High Renaissance
Pavane, Galliard, Almain, Coranto, Volta, Measures, The Country Dance

17th Century
The English Country Dance

18th Century
Saraband, Gigue, Minuet Gavotte, Hornpipe, English Country Dance

19th Century
Waltz, Polka, Quadrille, Lancers, Galop

20th Century
Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Latin American

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