Coaching Television, Film & Theatre

Movement Coaching; Choreographer and Movement Directing


Jackie works as an independent movement director on a script or she enables a director's vision.

She also coaches actors and extras in movement. She stages crowd scenes, choreographs dance scenes and gives individual movement coaching for specific roles.


As movement director, Jackie works closely with directors and actors to create a specific world for the play or movement for the production. She coaches specific dance styles including tap, ballroom, and historical dance as well as acrobatics, and movement including animal work.

Film and T.V.

  • Marie Antoinette: Sofia Coppola
  • Boys will be Girls: Channel 4
  • The New World: Terrence Malick
  • The Lost Prince: BBC - Stephen Poliakoff
  • Quills: Philip Kaufman
  • All forgotten (coach for Kirsten Dunst): Raverge Anselm

Theatre Work

  • The Globe Theatre; The Maid's Tragedy, Lucy Baily; A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, Malcolm McKay; Hamlet, Giles Block; The Tempest, Lenka Volovicki; The Comedy of Errors, Kathryn Hunter; Julius Caesar, Mark Rylance; The Mad World my Master, Sue Lefton; The Honest Whore, Jack Shepherd; The Merchant of Venice, Richard Olivier; As You Like It, Lucy Baily.
  • Rose Theatre - Kingston; Love's Labour's Lost, Peter Hall
  • US Tour and Nottingham Playhouse; Burial at Thebes, Lucy Pitman-Wallace
  • Barbican Theatre; Burial at Thebes, Lucy Pitman-Wallace
  • Regent's Park open air theatre; Twelfth Night, Tim Sheader
  • Donmar Warehouse; Uncle Vanya, Sam Mendes
  • National Theatre; Further Than the Furthest Thing, Irina Brown
  • Northcott Theatre - Devon; The Man of Mode, Matthew Smith
  • Polka Theatre; The Dreams of Anne Frank, Leona Heimfeld

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